Our Mission

"Every Disciple, Holy, doing his/her part
to win every soul from Sunnydale to the Towers"

Every Disciple - We strive to make disciples, just as mandated by our Lord, Jesus in the Great Commission.  Different from so many "members" that may or may not participate or experience growth, Disciples are learners and followers of Jesus Christ.  

Holy - The standard is biblical holiness.  Though we know that none of us will be perfect until we reach heaven, we rejoice in the reality that God made us "new creatures" when we received Him as Lord and Savior.  It is our's to walk according to the righteousness that He has made us.  

Doing His/Her Part - No "pew members".  Every River of Life Brother and Sister participates in a personal growth plan; and helps others to come into relationship with Christ.  Biblical personal growth and working for God's Kingdom leads to the Abundant Life that Christ promised.

Every Soul from Sunnydale to the Towers - Our Lord called us to Visitacion Valley's impoverished and disenfranchised area spanning Sunnydale and the Towers, charging us to share God's love with every soul.